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IVA examination for early detection of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer ranks second in the most common cancer series in Indonesia. Early detection of cervical cancer through IVA examination (Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid) is thought to help save many women because it is relatively easy to do and the results are quickly obtained. IVA examination is done by dripping acetic acid (vinegar) on the surface of the cervix. This technique is considered affordable, easy, only requires simple tools, and the results can be obtained immediately. IVA Examination Method To do this test, you can visit a hospital, clinic, or health center. IVA examination is carried out with the following steps: You will be asked to lie down with your legs open (lithotomy). The doctor will insert a device called a speculum or cocor duck into the vagina. This tool holds the vaginal mouth open, so that the neck and cervix can be seen. Then the doctor will dip the stem of cotton stem (similar to cotton bud) into a solution of acetic acid (vinega
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When is total anesthesia required during labor

Generally, a normal delivery is done when the pregnant woman is conscious, without anesthesia. While in Caesarean section, spinal anesthesia is performed. However, there is also labor that must be done with general anesthesia. Come on, find out more, Mother. During childbirth, Mother needs to remain conscious in order to push during contractions and push the baby out. In addition, also so that the Mother can see the Little One after birth. However, there are some emergencies that might make pregnant women have to be totally anesthetized during labor. Total anesthesia at delivery Normal labor generally does not use anesthesia. Even so, there are also those who undergo normal labor with epidural anesthesia to reduce pain. Whereas in caesarean section, the administration of anesthesia or anesthesia is done by regional anesthesia, in the form of spinal anesthesia. This anesthesia can eliminate the sensation of pain from the waist down, but the mother is still awake and can immediate

Can Predict the Risk of Disease, Let's Measure the Width of Your Waist Circumference

Are pants feeling cramped lately or are more and more shirts that can't be buttoned? Be careful, the wider waist circumference, the risk of experiencing chronic disease increases. Wide waist circumference, not only makes you have to buy new clothes. In research, it was found that the wider waist circumference, the greater the risk of someone experiencing a dangerous disease. How to Measure Waist Circumference Well, what is the correct way to measure waist circumference? Let's follow the steps below: Wrap the measuring tape around the abdomen, parallel to the navel. Don't be too tight or too loose. Breathe as usual, then read the measurement results when exhaling. After seeing the results of the waist circumference, then compare it with the normal size reference. Normal waist circumference is: For men: 94 cm below. For women: 80 cm down. Link Waist and Health Wide waist circumference is a sign that you have excess belly fat. This is what is associated with ma